About me, Bryan Hogan, and my blog.

About Me

I'm Bryan Hogan, a (Web) Developer, Digital Creator and Blogger.
Soon to be graduate in Code & Context, a modern interdisciplinary B.Sc. study in Cologne that combines the fields of computer science, design and entrepreneurship.

I have recently spent a year abroad in South Korea, studying at different universities. At the beginning of my stay abroad I also started with BryanHogan.com/blog, a place for me to share all the things I would have loved to know about before I knew about them.
Check out my latest post titled: "Show Your Work - Summary, Review & Thoughts". More on my blog down below.

I also run a monthly newsletter called "Bryan's Briefing" since the beginning of 2024 in which I share what I'm up to, cool insights I've recently had and other amazing content I came across.

Like described on my Now page, I'm currently working on ToLearnKorean.com and WebDev.BryanHogan.com in addition to working as a Software Developer at DGS (smaller company in Germany) and writing my bachelor thesis about (something that will be decided soon).

I've got a more career focussed introduction of myself on my portfolio page.

About My Blog

In my blog "Bryan's Blog" I delve into topics that interest me, all with the aim to also help you. From health-related topics such as understanding sleep, to sharing cultural insights and achieving personal goals. I want to share my journey and learn alongside others.

What I Value & How I Think:

  • 🌱 - Building a great future for yourself and others.
  • ❤️ - To life happily in the future you need to be healthy.
  • ⏳ - To achieve ambitious goals some things need to be improved, productivity can sometimes help with that.
  • 📣 - There's already amazing content out there, and I'm eager to share it.
  • ⚙️ - Modern thinking and building requires some technology. I also just love building digital experiences.

My favorite tags:

  • Learning - About language learning, acquiring skills, educational content and getting better at learning itself.
  • Korea - I studied one year abroad in South Korea. It was fascinating to see how Korea is different compared to Germany. I also made some great memories.
  • Development - About developing in the web and more. Started creating artifacts in Code & Context and have loved it ever since.