Hello, I'm
Bryan Hogan.

Combining interdisciplinary fields.
From development and design, to business and marketing.

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About Me

I am Bryan Hogan and currently working on completing my Bachelor of Science in the study Code & Context at TH Köln. Code & Context is an interdisciplinary field of study ranging from coding & design to entrepreneurship.

You can find me actively involved in the fields of development, design, media, marketing, and management. My expertise lies in crafting fast user-friendly websites and building strong brand identities.


Code & Context

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Engaged in studying Code & Design to skillfully craft valuable artifacts and establish thriving businesses.

Actively learning through hands-on experiences and exploring diverse fields. From helping people who take medicine regularly to creating SaaS solutions where we blend social media and real-world interaction for restaurants.

The learning environment was excellent, offering freedom for various projects and using the latest concepts. It has strong feedback systems and was established recently in 2019.

Hanyang University

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Went abroad to South Korea to study at Hanyang University erica campus for the spring semester of 2023.

Hanyang is ranked among the top 25 universities in Asia.

This experience not only allowed me to immerse myself in the Korean way of life but also provided a platform for me to grow and learn.

My courses included UX Design where we worked together with the government of Ansan, Sports Physiology, Game Design, Visual Communication and Korean Language.


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During the last German federal election in 2021 I did Social Media management for Volt's top candidates.

Volt is a pro-European party found in all EU member states and more.

As a part of our strategy, I made content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I also took care of organising how we worked and communicated, as well as worked together with other teams. Our environment demanded quick adaptation and fast responses to the ever-changing news and social media cycles.

I also had the opportunity to participate in events and campaigns and took photos and videos for Volt's channels.

Applied AI

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Created an artificial intelligence trained to recognise numbers and able to adjust its recognition.

It is able to learn letters and numbers. Made with TensorFlow and trained with MNIST data.

Group project by: Timo Küsters, Matthias Zens and Bryan Hogan within a course held by Prof. Christian Faubel.

University of Seoul

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Currently studying at University of Seoul for fall semester 2023.

Continuing my stay in Korea and exploring a new university.

Courses include business and Korean language related topics. For the business side I am engaged in classes such as Global Startup and Special Issues in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


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Worked at Handon dressed to sell GbmH where I was responsible for Online Marketing and technical tasks.

A B2B-business evolving around business fashion with a focus on luxury hotels. Did website design and management, used CMS for e-commerce activities. Responsible for various technical tasks such as managing internal tools. Helped in storage keeping.


You can also download my resume.


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