Last updated May 1, 2024
from my home in Cologne.

What am I doing now?

  • Working on my final B.Sc. university project. Currently building an app to help you improve your wellbeing and health. This is my final project needed to finish my Code & Context B.Sc. studies.
  • Working as a Software Developer. Working as a software developer at a smaller company.
  • Blog. Writing more content for my blog.
  • Making to help other Korean learners. Sharing alongside my own journey of learning Korean. Posting part of my experience and journey on Threads and Mastodon.
  • Making a Web Development guide page. Creating to help out other web developers.

It hasn't been too long since I came back to Germany from my year abroad in South Korea. Currently spending my time in Germany by working on the before mentioned projects but also visiting doctors more often recently.